Should I send out Save-the-Dates?

Save-the-dates are a great way to keep your event on calendars and get your team thinking about planning for presentations and travel. We highly recommend save-the-dates and would be happy to send them out to your development team.

When do I need to start planning my event?

Our advice is to always plan at least 8-12 weeks in advance of any clinical or regulatory meeting in order to maximize attendance, keep flight costs down and secure the optimal venue. Of course, at CRT Meetings, we know that sometimes timelines are not on your side. Call us today so that we can help you plan your next steps.

Do I need to use all of the services provided by CRT Meetings, or can I pick and choose?

At CRT Meetings, we offer everything you need for a successful meeting: hotel management, venue selection, flight and ground transportation, food and beverage, standard and specialized audio-visual services, site meeting management and communications and off-site reception coordination. Our clients are free to choose how much or how little they want us to be involved in the process.

Does CRT Meetings help with flights?

Yes. CRT Meetings has a dedicated partner for flights in North America and Brussels.

Will CRT Meetings help with all of the communications or do I need to send out invitations?

CRT can help support all of your communications with potential attendees: save-the-dates, meeting invitations, confirmation letters and meeting evaluations forms.

Does CRT Meetings have a registration system?

Yes, CRT has an online, password-protected registration system with a dedicated website that we personalize with our client’s logo, meeting or study information, and meeting agenda.

I want to plan something exciting for my clients, something outside of the hotel. Can CRT help organize an off-site reception?

Yes, we enjoy helping you select unique, professional networking receptions that will make your event memorable and elegant.

We need help with our slide presentations. Can CRT organize our slide decks and streamline presentations?

CRT Meetings employs experienced audio-visual technicians who can help you arrange your slides, your last-minute changes and any help organize audience-response systems to make your meeting interactive.

Will CRT help with all of my transportation needs, or just from the airport?

CRT Meetings helps manage all of your transportation needs, from home to airport to hotel and back.

Can CRT help me find the right geographical location that makes sense for my next event?

CRT Meetings will help you find a central location that is practical, feasible and cost-effective based upon the location of your attendees, the time of year and competing conferences.

We have a tight budget. Can CRT help find ways to make our budget cost-effective?

Yes. CRT Meetings will work with you to find a meeting venue and specifications that meet your budget. Let us know if you are working with tight budget restrictions and we will find you a solution.

I have multiple global meetings and may need translation help and visa support for some of my attendees. Can CRT Meetings help me?

Yes, CRT Meetings can help organize translation booths for attendees and presenters. We can also help provide supportive documentation for visa procurement. We are not a visa-issuing agency, but we can help you manage the documentation associated with the process.

Help! I only have a few weeks to plan my event! Can CRT help me or am I too late?

Call us! We have helped many clients in tight situations. We welcome the opportunity to help find solutions.