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CRT Meetings is a meeting planning company specializing in the organization and conduct of meetings specific to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. In addition to Investigators’ meetings and CRA Training meetings, we organize and conduct meetings for medical and regulatory departments, such as DSMB meetings, Advisory Committee meetings, pre-BLA meetings and many more.

At CRT Meetings, we understand the tremendous amount of effort required to bring a product to market. We know that every clinical trial - Phase I through Phase III - is one step closer to your submission and approval. Our goal is to make your meetings - Investigators’ meetings, CRA Training meetings, Advisory Committee meetings, etc - come together so seamlessly that the logistics involved are transparent, enabling you to concentrate 100% on meeting content and delivery.

Whether it’s flight and travel logistics, audio-visual coordination, or off-site reception dinners, CRT Meetings will build a solution to address all of your needs from start to finish, anywhere in the world.

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